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“Stonepay Commercial Construction (Representative of 2629-4694 Quebec Inc., a company registered in Montreal, Canada”) has had business with CAC Ltd. on improvement of Customer Service in “Royal Park” residential development.

CAC Ltd. had overtaken training needs assessment, drew training plan and conducted trainings in declared timeframes. We have checked our KPI while after training program and we conclude effectiveness of project completed. This company has unique business approach ad they are precise customer oriented style. We would recommend CAC Ltd. as one of the most professional and flexible training providers on the market."

Ilgar Hasanov
2629-4694 Quebec Inc.


“First time I have seen Mamed at work was during my time at Karasu Operating Company, where I was a Chief Accountant sometime around year 2004.  One thing that positively struck me is how much passion he has for his work.  But even more how good he is at it.  Training sessions led by Mamed and his team are always fun, productive and full of energy.  His attention to detail and quality is outstanding..”

Emil Hasanov
Account manager
Bakcell, Azerbaijan


“”Aztrank” LLC – CDMA 2000 operator in Azerbaijan had hired CAC MMC as business consultant group in 2008. CAC MMC consultants made professional functions evaluation (including maintenance, inventory, logistics, and procurement) and returned with their recommendations and comments. We appreciate the work done. We are confident CAC MMC consultants might be of use in mentioned fields of business in the market.”

Deputy Director
“Aztrank” LLC


“I had pleasure to work with Mamed in different roles. Mamed is extremely talented, knowledgeable and a wonderful person to get associated with. Mamed and ATI team under his supervision played one of the key roles in establishing & delivering MAXIMO integration project to BP AzBU in 2004-2005. He is an excellent visionary and he respectfully drives people to achieve results. He has an outstanding training delivery skillset that is highly valuable to the customers.
Mamed is a customer focused & deliver a different range of training programs, always with a strong enthusiasm. During his time at Microsoft Azerbaijan, Mamed attracted our team a lot and contributed to our co-work with his professional manner, and I found him intelligent, intercultural, experienced, people-oriented, and balanced colleague.
Therefore I’m sure Mamed is incredible asset to any organization as a manager and as coach.”

Khayala Eylazova
Business Operations Specialist
Microsoft, Ireland


"I know Mamed since 2001 while we worked as a group and he is the best coach I know in the market now. Mamed was also my supplier of choice for all Microsoft office and technical trainings when I was managing IT for one of the Oil/Gas company in Baku. I have received very good feedbacks about his trainings from my internal customers. He is very inovation oriented person and always adds something new to his coaching strategy. I would highly recommend Mamed to anyone who is seeking quality Computer trainings, presentatins skills and other softskills classes...”

Ramin Garayev
Service Management Architect
United Kingdom


"Mamed and his team has done a great job in organizing training session for some ~1500 people at BP during the course of 6 month. Professional attitude, focus on delivery and excellent personal skills are what makes it great to work with him...”

Emin Hasanov
Field of the Future Program Manager
BP, Azerbaijan


We have contracted CAC in early 2010 to complete MAXMO integration project for our client. CAC was one of the very few companies we could find in Azerbaijan that was providing MAXIMO training and consulting. The company was flexible and responsive to our specific needs and delivered good quality training program. CAC is well-managed and organized company with good knowledge base. I would recommend this company for MAXIMO training courses.

Zaur Aliyev
Country Manager
Global Security Group


"Mammad Orujov is highly motivated, responsible and persistent professional. He has a solid knowledge and expertise in IT field. He has a creative character which can be easily traced..."

Sharif Shiklinski
Value Add Services Expert


"Mamed and I have been knowning each other since October 2006 when we started our office in Baku. Mamed manages relationship of Microsoft with its partners and I can tell that, he is one of few professional lads I have ever worked in Azerbaijan. He was always available and my company has always felt support of Mamed. He is also very ambitious and a type of guy who does what he said. I am looking forward to more closely with him in coming years...”

Farid Ismayilzada
Managing Director
Silverkey Azerbaijan

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